• The Great Climbs Of Europe (24" X 36")

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    This is the first project to help kick-off ELCYCLISTA EDITIONS, a poster titled THE GREAT CLIMBS OF EUROPE. Without ever tracing the boundary of a country, the climbs we all love still define the shape of the regions we gravitate towards each year to challenge ourselves. I started out with the monuments, those climbs passed into cycling folklore through races and riders that have given them great stories. Then there are those mentioned in conversations with local riders, people we have met on the road, picked up in articles, or discovered through studying race routes. Key cities were added, the places we travel in and out of, and the ranges and areas where all of these exist. Together these have created a footprint that documents the climbers playgrounds of Europe.

    The Posters are printed by SUPREME in Brooklyn and are of exceptional exhibition quality. They are created using the Giclée inkjet printing process using archival inks to create fade-resistant prints, typically used for gallery printing. They are printed onto an enhanced 260gsm Matte paper. We are offering the prints in two standard sizes (unframed):

    SIZE 1: 18" X 24" print at $80
    SIZE 2: 24" X 36" print at $140

    The total first edition of all sizes will be 124 prints, all hand numbered. Why 124? Well Sean Kelly our fellow country man and all round great rider was know for his exceptional descending skills. His fastest clocked decent was on the Joux Plane into Morzine at 124 KM/H. So, 124 prints in honor of what goes up must go down.

  • The Great Climbs Of Europe (24" X 36")
  • The Great Climbs Of Europe (24" X 36")
  • The Great Climbs Of Europe (24" X 36")

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